RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

Friday, November 10, 2017

AT-STP (Pathfinder)


The role of the AT-STP (Pathfinder) is to sit further back on the battlefield (camouflaged and hidden if possible) and use its sophisticated electronic equipment to detect a whole host of environmental changes to the natural environment using its QX-9000T Omni directional sniffer silo unit,  X-19A directional fire indicator and APX-37C SLANT detector system. Moister, carbon dioxide, movement, electronic emissions, changes in temperature, force projection weapons firing origin, sound and many other things. It still retains its ability to fight it out should that be necessary too.

I'm following the "real world" examples of what American and allied forces have had to do to counter insurgent forces in Afghanistan and Iraq over the last 16 years as an example of what sorts of ad hoc modifications the Empire has had to come up with under similar circumstances on Tatooine against continuing Sand People resistance.

The redish coloured parts are primered parts that had no time to be painted properly because of the urgent need to get this highly modified AT-ST out into the field to assist other reconnaissance units in the detection of Sand People insurgent forces that were hindering the Empire's control on Tatooine (post Episode IV time period). Hence they are newer parts attached to an already weather beaten machine. That is why some of the AT-STP (Pathfinder) is mostly weathered and other parts, Imperial Grey and red primer are newer.

The prod things on the front are IED (improvised explosive device) detector whiskers. (35th scale US military aerial mounts) These whiskers are used to detect microscopic movement in sand and dirt, plus changes in moister at ground level. They are positioned where they are so as to get maximum clearance from the main body. Plus it was the only real place the two Imperial Engineers, unlucky enough to find themselves garrisoned on Tatooine, could find that would fit with everything else that would have to be externally mounted on an already busy frame. No wiring necessary for these units as they are internally powered and transfer data electronically.


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