RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

"What if?" Misc profiles.


Anonymous said...

Great works, loved almost every single one of them. would be great to see some of these birds in israeli AF schemes, if possible.

DocDarwin said...

Excellent work!! Love the profiles!! That Beriev in Coastal Command was a kick to the head for sure!!

Gotta ask,...what ideas have you got coming down the pipe?

Studio Gekko said...

Hi Doc,

working on a new decal sheet at the moment for RNZAF Skyhawks, plus getting ready to sell my decas via the Blog.



Anonymous said...

Hello Richard, my name is Lou. I like your site and enjoy your work published on your site. I'm very interested in your F-104, "What ifs". If you will allow me, I would like to attempt to paint mine in your Operation Rabbitfoot, Maritime Test scheme, if you don't mind. I was looking at the markings and they look like ones from a Mirage, am I correct? Do you happen to make these decals? Do you have any other drawings of this profile? Any other information you could send me would be very appreciated. Thanks, and keep up the great work you do.


Studio Gekko said...

Hi Lou, sure go ahead, I'd love to see what results you get with your build! Yes the markings are based on 75 squadron RAAF similar to how they were applied to their Mirage IIIO jets.

I don't have decals for that scheme at the moment, but I could print out a set on the laser printer for $10 AUD inc postage if you're interested?

What scale are you building?

The only other profile I have for this scheme is one very similar but without the black lines outlining the colours, which is how I would do the scheme if I was making a model of it. There are no top, bottom or starboard images.



silvio said...


really love the kriegsmarine's 262 !

Got one at quarter scale, and I 'd like to built it with this colour scheme

what are those exact colours ?




Anonymous said...

These are really good collections of fictional insignias and aircrafts.

I'm wondering if you can do a 'What-if' Su-27 Flanker in these five countries:

Venezuela (FREE)

It would be very interesting to see what they may actually look like should it really happen. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

I like the Me-262 in Deutsch-Sudwestafrika markings. I wonder what colors are on that plane?

Studio Gekko said...

Colours for the Deutsch-Sudwestafrika 262 are as follows:

Pale Green areas:

XF-5 Flat Green : 5 drops

XF-4 Yellow Green : 7 drops

XF-55 Deck Tan : 7 drops

XF-62 Olive Drab : 4 drops

X-20A Thinner : 30 drops

Pale Green /Tan:

XF-4 Yellow Green : 4 drops

XF-62 Olive Drab : 5 drops

XF-55 Deck Tan : 10 drops

X-20A Thinner : 20 drops

Black Green:

XF-65 Field Gray :6 drops

X-20A Thinner : 20 drops