RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Prometheus puzzles!

After looking at the Prometheus WonderCon Exclusive on You Tube, see here

This is what I've noticed...............

See the silos! At least 4 of them. Also the red circle marks out roughly where I believe the Space Jockey ship is located under ground.

1. Is that a face in profile?

2. The road we are now all familiar with. At least now we can see where it's going to!

Another iconic Science Fiction shot! But what exactly is he doing? Is he perceived as a threat for some reason?

David seems very happy with himself!

But his Boss is not! But why? Surely they are both "Company" people?

This is an interesting sequence. On the right the woman is seen frozen on the spot and shaking violently. The guy on the left is shooting at something. See the bullet..........

In this next shot we see the hand of the Engineer come into the shot. Why aren't the bullets effecting him?

Is this the escape pod that Vickers is on? I'd say highly likely. But!..................

Is this it? Or, is this the Magellan? So, so far we have seen two different 'alien' space craft, the Space Jockey ship and the UFO type ship. Then there's the Prometheus, a space craft called the Magellan and possibly the escape pod too?

On the left is the silo with the ampules in it. But what is that on the right? The escape pod? The Magellan?

From this different angle we see the Space Jockey skull. Now I'm more convinced than ever that it is indeed a skull and not a helmet. Look at the rough texture on the surface. Now, compare it to..........

...... the surface is smooth. Now, look at where the arrow is pointing. If you watch the trailer at 1080P and go back and forth at this point you will notice that the suit is opening and if you pay close attention to this area you will notice that as the suit peels away it reveals the arm of the Engineer!

THAT is a helmet! BUT! Why is it in the shape of a Space Jockey head? Has it got something to do with the technology? Technology that was given to or stolen from the Space Jockey race??

Who are these two? And what are they doing to Noomi? It's obvious that she is experimented on. But by who and why?

Anyway, that's all for now. What will be revealed next!?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Are all the Space Jockey's dead?

I'm getting the impression that all of the Space Jockey's in Prometheus are dead. What the crew are looking at, and bring on board the Prometheus IS in fact the skull of a dead Space Jockey.

The reason I'm becoming more and more convinced of this, is in fact the appearance of a “Space Jockey” in the latest trailers. After all it "looks" like a Space Jockey, doesn't it?

When Dallas and Lambert are looking over the Space Jockey in ALIEN, it is quite clear that you are looking at BONES. The rib bones broken outwards are clear to see. As is the detail in the mouth and eye socket. It is the skeletal remains of a 30’ high giant. Different in colour to the machine it is sat in.

Ask yourselves, why would Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox actually SHOW you a Space Jockey in the trailers, if that is the main thing everybody is going to the movie to see?

You’ve seen it. So why would you be all that interested in going to see the movie? They would NEVER have done that in 1979 and gone and shown you the ALIEN before the movie was released, and they didn’t. They kept it a secret.

What I think we’re seeing in the trailers is in fact the very thing that wiped the Space Jockey’s out. I think they are called ‘Engineers’. They may be a creation of the Space Jockey’s? A biological experiment that went wrong and the creation killed the creator!

Scott is talking about a Prometheus 2 already. We know most of the crew, if not all of the crew of the Prometheus and the ship itself are wiped out in Prometheus, so what would another movie have left to tell?

Most people, I have noticed, are reaching for obvious conclusions. That they’ve seen a Space Jockey in the trailers. That the planet is Acheron LV426 and that the Space Jockey ship we see is the very same one we saw in ALIEN.

I’m certain that none of that is the case and fans need to look deeper. Study what they see, and listen very carefully to what Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof say, and what they DON’T say.

After all if we HAVE in fact already seen the Space Jockey, and it turns out to be nothing more than that humanoid ‘engineer’ in a suit, wouldn’t YOU be a bit pissed off? I’ve patiently waited for 33 years for an answer to what the Space Jockey was and I’ve never thought of it as a humanoid in a suit!

I think Scott/Linderlof are WAY smarter than that! And 20th Century Fox would NEVER finance something that they didn’t feel would earn them a great deal of money in return!

As for that opening shot of the Engineer next to the waterfall. Fans are assuming the planet is earth. Maybe it is? But what if it’s the planet we see in the movie? It too could have waterfalls. After all it has clouds, so precipitation, thus flowing water. The huge “UFO” shaped ship may have dropped him off, possibly to protect the ampoule room? The Engineer becomes resentful of doing the Space Jockey’s bidding and decides to have some power for himself. There’s a battle and he kills his masters.

Dead Space Jockey's?

Years later the humans turn up thinking they are about to meet the Space Jockey race, but instead are confronted by the Engineer and his evil carnival of monsters, something that the Space Jockey’s would never have done as they are a benevolent race. Peaceful and Scientific.

They brought fire and technology to earth to help the human race progress, then left them signs, an invitation to go and meet them when they had evolved into a sophisticated enough life form that they could communicate with the Space Jockey race.

I don’t think any live Space Jockey’s are seen in Prometheus, except perhaps in the last nine minutes? But perhaps “Prometheus 2” is in fact about a time when human and Space Jockey meet?

Now, we wait for more………………………………

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The 2min 33sec Prometheus trailer!

OK guys, we've all had a look at it now. Here's my thoughts.

Now we know about the balls, thanks to the Weyland Industries web site.

"Weyland Industries earns patent number 17,900,353 for Method and Apparatus for an antigravity device that 3D live-maps any foreign terrain, revolutionizing the pre-process of terraforming and developing new colonies."

Apart from the fact that this is a magnificent Science Fiction image in itself, check out the 'road marker'!

I'd love a 1/72nd scale plastic model kit of this thing!

And here are two more! But what are they for?

And here we see the 'road' opening up! What is down there? The Space Jockey ship?

Good to see Australia make a showing in Prometheus! :) Under Michael Fassbender's index finger is Adelaide, where I live. ;)

Well, we all know what this is! But, why is it there? It looks to be a wall mural or something like that. So, the "ALIEN" race is definitely in existence in this movie, and known about. But; what role does it play in all this?

A dead Space Jockey? If so, it's not the only one they find in there!

More dead Space Jockey's? Number 1 points to forearms, number 2 to hands, 3 knee and legs. Closer to the camera is another one. The question mark points to something unknown. Where are the heads? We've already seen a pic of a dead Space Jockey separated from its head. The same head that is in the scanner back on the Prometheus.

Space Jockey? No. I believe this life form killed the Space Jockey's. Somehow something went wrong with their genetic engineering and this life form took over. I've always seen the Space Jockey's as a peaceful race. Similar to the whale or dolphin.

This thing, we see below, is a killer! A terminator of life. This is NOT what the humans came to see, but this is what was waiting for them!

Now, nearly everybody around the world will think this is a Space Jockey, right?

I do not. Reason? Size for one, it is too small. The Space Jockey we see in Alien is a giant. This thing is only about 7 foot tall.

I do not believe Ridley Scott, or 20th Century Fox would want everybody to see the main reason for seeing this movie, the Space Jockey race, in a trailer before the screening of the movie. Just like they didn't want pictures of the Alien leaked out in 1979 before the opening of ALIEN.

So, what do I think this is?

Well I'm not 100% sure. But as you'll notice in the trailer if you go back and forth at this point in the trailer, looking at it at 1080p, you'll notice that the rib cage is opening/closing and that 'stuff' is growing across its arm, seemingly giving it that bio mechanical look.

I believe the life form we see operating the 'chair' that comes up out of the floor is this thing, suited up ready for space flight. It is not a Space Jockey, but a life form created by them that ultimately turned on them and killed them.

"A king has his reign. And then he dies. It's inevitable."

Is this quote talking about the Space Jockey's, or Peter Weyland? Or something else?


Looking at this scan of the Space Jockey ship we see the chambers in it. Number 1 points to the 'egg chamber' that Kane discovered in ALIEN. Number 2 points to the pilot room where we see the Space Jockey in his chair in ALIEN.

Now, again, many people around the world think this Space Jockey ship is the very same one that we saw in ALIEN. I say no. And here's a good reason why. The Prometheus is obviously crashed into it on purpose, to stop it getting back to earth. Notice the impact point. Very near the ovoid portals that Kane, Dallas and Lambert entered the derelict ship in ALIEN. There is no damage there on the derelict ship in ALIEN. This is NOT the same ship!

Well, what do we have here! What is that life form being held in the clamp above Noomi's head? It looks squid-like from this angle. And who put it there? The robot?

Notice the 'blood' splattered all over the inside of the scanner. Looks like squid ink!

So, has Noomi been impregnated?

The trailer certainly is fantastic. Goose bumps and hairs standing up all the way! I think we will see more of the viral advertising like Peter Wayland's speech and David 8 promo

I think it's like an audience education prior to the movie. So we all know how this came to be and what is going on upon walking into the theatre. Ridley is taking us to school! Science Fiction school!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A trailer for the new trailer!

OK, this is a bit odd, but I don't care, we got to see a tiny bit more! Here's my views on what's new.
At least THAT mystery is solved! The strange balls are human technology.
A lone vehicle returns? Two vehicles and two quad bikes left the Prometheus, and we've seen the shot where one vehicle and the two quad bikes return, but where was the second vehicle? Is this it?
Now for the most amazing shots of this mini trailer! Although its hard to see here, the arrows point to shrapnel bouncing off the Prometheus. The red circle shows the projectile, which looks like a rock? It bounces off the hull and fragments shatter off it. Seems like an odd weapon? Has the Space Jockey ship fired it at the Prometheus?
More shrapnel and the direction the "rock" takes after impacting with the Prometheus. The Space Jockey ship appears to have not moved. The Prometheus is getting closer!

I'm guessing the Space Jockey ship is with-in the planets gravity field? If so why is it in a vertical stance?


Tuesday, March 6, 2012