RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Prometheus puzzles!

After looking at the Prometheus WonderCon Exclusive on You Tube, see here

This is what I've noticed...............

See the silos! At least 4 of them. Also the red circle marks out roughly where I believe the Space Jockey ship is located under ground.

1. Is that a face in profile?

2. The road we are now all familiar with. At least now we can see where it's going to!

Another iconic Science Fiction shot! But what exactly is he doing? Is he perceived as a threat for some reason?

David seems very happy with himself!

But his Boss is not! But why? Surely they are both "Company" people?

This is an interesting sequence. On the right the woman is seen frozen on the spot and shaking violently. The guy on the left is shooting at something. See the bullet..........

In this next shot we see the hand of the Engineer come into the shot. Why aren't the bullets effecting him?

Is this the escape pod that Vickers is on? I'd say highly likely. But!..................

Is this it? Or, is this the Magellan? So, so far we have seen two different 'alien' space craft, the Space Jockey ship and the UFO type ship. Then there's the Prometheus, a space craft called the Magellan and possibly the escape pod too?

On the left is the silo with the ampules in it. But what is that on the right? The escape pod? The Magellan?

From this different angle we see the Space Jockey skull. Now I'm more convinced than ever that it is indeed a skull and not a helmet. Look at the rough texture on the surface. Now, compare it to..........

...... the surface is smooth. Now, look at where the arrow is pointing. If you watch the trailer at 1080P and go back and forth at this point you will notice that the suit is opening and if you pay close attention to this area you will notice that as the suit peels away it reveals the arm of the Engineer!

THAT is a helmet! BUT! Why is it in the shape of a Space Jockey head? Has it got something to do with the technology? Technology that was given to or stolen from the Space Jockey race??

Who are these two? And what are they doing to Noomi? It's obvious that she is experimented on. But by who and why?

Anyway, that's all for now. What will be revealed next!?


Anonymous said...

Some good observations, but you were unfortunately waaaay off with the engineers looking like elephants. Good stuff.

Gekko Boss said...

Thanks. Off to see it today!