RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Are all the Space Jockey's dead?

I'm getting the impression that all of the Space Jockey's in Prometheus are dead. What the crew are looking at, and bring on board the Prometheus IS in fact the skull of a dead Space Jockey.

The reason I'm becoming more and more convinced of this, is in fact the appearance of a “Space Jockey” in the latest trailers. After all it "looks" like a Space Jockey, doesn't it?

When Dallas and Lambert are looking over the Space Jockey in ALIEN, it is quite clear that you are looking at BONES. The rib bones broken outwards are clear to see. As is the detail in the mouth and eye socket. It is the skeletal remains of a 30’ high giant. Different in colour to the machine it is sat in.

Ask yourselves, why would Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox actually SHOW you a Space Jockey in the trailers, if that is the main thing everybody is going to the movie to see?

You’ve seen it. So why would you be all that interested in going to see the movie? They would NEVER have done that in 1979 and gone and shown you the ALIEN before the movie was released, and they didn’t. They kept it a secret.

What I think we’re seeing in the trailers is in fact the very thing that wiped the Space Jockey’s out. I think they are called ‘Engineers’. They may be a creation of the Space Jockey’s? A biological experiment that went wrong and the creation killed the creator!

Scott is talking about a Prometheus 2 already. We know most of the crew, if not all of the crew of the Prometheus and the ship itself are wiped out in Prometheus, so what would another movie have left to tell?

Most people, I have noticed, are reaching for obvious conclusions. That they’ve seen a Space Jockey in the trailers. That the planet is Acheron LV426 and that the Space Jockey ship we see is the very same one we saw in ALIEN.

I’m certain that none of that is the case and fans need to look deeper. Study what they see, and listen very carefully to what Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof say, and what they DON’T say.

After all if we HAVE in fact already seen the Space Jockey, and it turns out to be nothing more than that humanoid ‘engineer’ in a suit, wouldn’t YOU be a bit pissed off? I’ve patiently waited for 33 years for an answer to what the Space Jockey was and I’ve never thought of it as a humanoid in a suit!

I think Scott/Linderlof are WAY smarter than that! And 20th Century Fox would NEVER finance something that they didn’t feel would earn them a great deal of money in return!

As for that opening shot of the Engineer next to the waterfall. Fans are assuming the planet is earth. Maybe it is? But what if it’s the planet we see in the movie? It too could have waterfalls. After all it has clouds, so precipitation, thus flowing water. The huge “UFO” shaped ship may have dropped him off, possibly to protect the ampoule room? The Engineer becomes resentful of doing the Space Jockey’s bidding and decides to have some power for himself. There’s a battle and he kills his masters.

Dead Space Jockey's?

Years later the humans turn up thinking they are about to meet the Space Jockey race, but instead are confronted by the Engineer and his evil carnival of monsters, something that the Space Jockey’s would never have done as they are a benevolent race. Peaceful and Scientific.

They brought fire and technology to earth to help the human race progress, then left them signs, an invitation to go and meet them when they had evolved into a sophisticated enough life form that they could communicate with the Space Jockey race.

I don’t think any live Space Jockey’s are seen in Prometheus, except perhaps in the last nine minutes? But perhaps “Prometheus 2” is in fact about a time when human and Space Jockey meet?

Now, we wait for more………………………………


liminalD said...

I'm inclined to agree that the Jockeys are probably dead and thus that the creature in the chair is probably something else, most likely the tall, bald humanoid. And I totally agree that said bald guy is NOT friendly; I like your suggestion that he's what killed them, or another species that received the 'invitation' and came along with the sole intention of murdering the Jockeys. Intriguing... I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

What I'M interested in now is the white snake/squid thing seen in the recent UK trailer... I love it how just when we all think we've got it all worked out they throw us another curve-ball ;)

Chad Garrett said...

I agree 100% with what you are saying. Notice what Vickers says about a King and their reign... Space Jockeys?

Also, I have not seen anyone post about the tentacle coming out of the guys why (when he pulls his eyelid down). What are your thoughts on this!?!?

Gekko Boss said...

I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks this way!

At this stage I’m leaning towards the “King” being the bold headed humanoid. The giant head in the ampoule room is his own homage to himself. Sort of an intergalactic Saddam Hussein!:)

I think the squid thing, the worm in the guys eye and the tentacle coming out of a crew members arm are all the result of the humans tampering with the containers in the ampoule room. Note how they have their helmets off, thus leaving them open to infection/contamination.

David (Fassbender) seems intrigued by what is in the containers. Reminds me a bit of Ash. Ash too was fascinated with the ALIEN and how it evolved. Remember how closely he watched Kane, waiting for ‘the birth’!

Anonymous said...

I know previous work in Mark Verheiden's graphic novel series has the Space Jockeys as not friendly at all, which makes sense when you aren't the only intelligence in the neighborhood.

Also, there are strong hints of the xenomorphs (aliens) being a bioweapon created by the Space Jockeys. There are moments in the trailer that look like the ship may have been dynamically synthesizing them (when the ceiling was changing and the containers David was messing with).

Otherwise, why transport a dangerous biologic en masse when an original sample and DNA records would do. I think the containers may be dynamic delivery platforms for whatever the development process comes up with and then gets deployed.

Marcus Delgado said...

1979 "space jockey is an engineered navigator. The engineers have no problem with creating indiviuals for their use in space exploration Discovery of potential worlds to begin new life derivative of their DNA . 1979 alien 'jockey' or navigator was huge and could navigate the derelict by itself ,unlike the engineers in Prometheus which required a compliment of other surveyors and operators in different bio-science. The 1979 space jockey is obviously not said engineer of Prometheus line, we have now to compare .Also the big space jockey seemed to be engineered symbiotically to achieve space travel with minimal navigation equipment , more easily tapping into subspace speed travel given initiating vocal frequency and a ship with the power to withstand critical light speed ,LV426 was a decaying satellite with high velocity wind at nocturne and conversely diurnal . Aliens showed a juggernaut in tatters as the 'mom and pop researce team ' observed as opposed to that in alien without a artificial atomosphere , nitrogen, oxygen atomosphere accelerated the juggernauts decomposition ,thus giving more credence to different ship and the operators. Kane had to be helped up to the jockey turret qnd there was no place around turret for hibernating pods also affirming that this jockey was a explorer that happened to survey and deliberatly set ship over cavern it discovered on what humans named within a system with a Sun LV426 . Given that "engineers of prometheus are masters at manipulating biomatter , thay demonstrate the ability to operate in the Universe not being subject to space time but space time being subject to them in what ever combination of element as they see fit with building blocks transcending what we (humans) see as limits.