RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The 2min 33sec Prometheus trailer!

OK guys, we've all had a look at it now. Here's my thoughts.

Now we know about the balls, thanks to the Weyland Industries web site.

"Weyland Industries earns patent number 17,900,353 for Method and Apparatus for an antigravity device that 3D live-maps any foreign terrain, revolutionizing the pre-process of terraforming and developing new colonies."

Apart from the fact that this is a magnificent Science Fiction image in itself, check out the 'road marker'!

I'd love a 1/72nd scale plastic model kit of this thing!

And here are two more! But what are they for?

And here we see the 'road' opening up! What is down there? The Space Jockey ship?

Good to see Australia make a showing in Prometheus! :) Under Michael Fassbender's index finger is Adelaide, where I live. ;)

Well, we all know what this is! But, why is it there? It looks to be a wall mural or something like that. So, the "ALIEN" race is definitely in existence in this movie, and known about. But; what role does it play in all this?

A dead Space Jockey? If so, it's not the only one they find in there!

More dead Space Jockey's? Number 1 points to forearms, number 2 to hands, 3 knee and legs. Closer to the camera is another one. The question mark points to something unknown. Where are the heads? We've already seen a pic of a dead Space Jockey separated from its head. The same head that is in the scanner back on the Prometheus.

Space Jockey? No. I believe this life form killed the Space Jockey's. Somehow something went wrong with their genetic engineering and this life form took over. I've always seen the Space Jockey's as a peaceful race. Similar to the whale or dolphin.

This thing, we see below, is a killer! A terminator of life. This is NOT what the humans came to see, but this is what was waiting for them!

Now, nearly everybody around the world will think this is a Space Jockey, right?

I do not. Reason? Size for one, it is too small. The Space Jockey we see in Alien is a giant. This thing is only about 7 foot tall.

I do not believe Ridley Scott, or 20th Century Fox would want everybody to see the main reason for seeing this movie, the Space Jockey race, in a trailer before the screening of the movie. Just like they didn't want pictures of the Alien leaked out in 1979 before the opening of ALIEN.

So, what do I think this is?

Well I'm not 100% sure. But as you'll notice in the trailer if you go back and forth at this point in the trailer, looking at it at 1080p, you'll notice that the rib cage is opening/closing and that 'stuff' is growing across its arm, seemingly giving it that bio mechanical look.

I believe the life form we see operating the 'chair' that comes up out of the floor is this thing, suited up ready for space flight. It is not a Space Jockey, but a life form created by them that ultimately turned on them and killed them.

"A king has his reign. And then he dies. It's inevitable."

Is this quote talking about the Space Jockey's, or Peter Weyland? Or something else?


Looking at this scan of the Space Jockey ship we see the chambers in it. Number 1 points to the 'egg chamber' that Kane discovered in ALIEN. Number 2 points to the pilot room where we see the Space Jockey in his chair in ALIEN.

Now, again, many people around the world think this Space Jockey ship is the very same one that we saw in ALIEN. I say no. And here's a good reason why. The Prometheus is obviously crashed into it on purpose, to stop it getting back to earth. Notice the impact point. Very near the ovoid portals that Kane, Dallas and Lambert entered the derelict ship in ALIEN. There is no damage there on the derelict ship in ALIEN. This is NOT the same ship!

Well, what do we have here! What is that life form being held in the clamp above Noomi's head? It looks squid-like from this angle. And who put it there? The robot?

Notice the 'blood' splattered all over the inside of the scanner. Looks like squid ink!

So, has Noomi been impregnated?

The trailer certainly is fantastic. Goose bumps and hairs standing up all the way! I think we will see more of the viral advertising like Peter Wayland's speech and David 8 promo

I think it's like an audience education prior to the movie. So we all know how this came to be and what is going on upon walking into the theatre. Ridley is taking us to school! Science Fiction school!


liminalD said...

Awesome - I did not notice the squid-thing in that last still until you pointed it out - good spotting!

I like your idea about the huge bald guy being another species that likewise got the 'invitation' and came and killed the Engineers/SJs... that's a really interesting twist!

Keep up the good work dude, you've pointed so many awesome details out this last month or so, I really appreciate it! :)

Anonymous said...

It may well be a suit that allows the wearer to interface with SJ tech...

Gekko Boss said...

You're welcome liminalD!

More to come I'm sure!

And as for Anonymous's idea, I like it!

I'm becoming more and more convinced that there are absoloutly NO live Space Jockeys in this movie. They are all dead. With Ridley hinting of another movie I wonder if THAT movie will take us to the Space Jockey homeworld?

Unknown said...

Thanks for your hard work; this is a great site and a relief from the ill-informed flame wars that're passing for "speculative discussions". I found you because I too have a hunch that this ain't Acheron/LV426. And your observation of the collision just about clinches it. Great deduction!

Gekko Boss said...

Thanks! Off to see it today!

Khani said...

The egg chambers in Alien are underneath the derelict. The derelict is fairly big, but barely bigger than the Nostromo lander. The egg chambers are substantially bigger than that - the derelict can easily fit inside these chambers.

What happened is that xeno in some sort (egg, ooze, whatever) infected a true jockey. The jockey's ship crashed on LV426, and the xeno burrowed its way down, in to the planet. As it said there's deep coal on LV426. That means organic deposits. The xeno burrowed down (possibly in lava tubes) and created an underground egg chamber.

"...The port prong on The Derelict measure 161.6 meters in length and the starboard prong 174.3 meters. The craft is 116.6 meters wide and 61.0 meters wide between the starboard and port prongs..."

Here's Kane descending down the chute in to the main egg chamber


Here's the egg range

* http://36.media.tumblr.com/909f00c81c4cac0ed22b971f63fa0fe7/tumblr_mi3doicfxl1rjhsa7o1_1280.jpg
* http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l4uhe0Z0n11qa1o5zo1_500.jpg

I did some prelimininary calculation on how far kane descends - that's roughly 20 meters below the hole in the jockey chamber. That makes the transversal space from side to side of the egg chamber about 150 meters. That does not fit inside the Derelict, unless the derelict is some form of Tardis :)