RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Royal Navy A-7E Corsair (version 13)

Just before dawn on the morning of the 29th of April 1984, HMS Hermes Strike Wing launched for an attack on a Mauritanian  Air Force FOB (Forward Operating Base). Hermes three Corsair FGR.2 Squadrons 892, 890 and the newly redesignated 871 Squadron participated in the attacks.

The attacks resulted in the destruction of the airfield, fifteen aircraft parked about the airfield and six surface to air missile batteries. The Corsairs were armed with various combinations of Matra rocket pods, BL755 cluster bombs, 1000lb bombs, Skipper II LGRP bombs, Maverick missiles and Shrike missiles.
Lt George Williams, of 892 Squadron, flying Corsair 203 (illustrated above), managed to destroy two MiG-23's and a MiG-17 during his attack. The HMS Hermes Attack Wing concept proved to be so successful that the previously designated 771 Squadron (a shore based training Squadron), which had been dispatched at short notice, was re-designated 871 Squadron and brought up to front line combat status.

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