RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

Friday, January 13, 2012

Prometheus, some more thoughts.

Looking at the trailer in Hi Def again and I noticed something that I missed!

These two red balls! Looking at the Apple trailer in 1020p and pausing it and sliding the slider back and forth I noticed that this astronaut is watching one of the two balls as it tracks from left to right. The balls are emitting a red laser, you can see this on the astronauts chest and helmet and near the top arrow and bottom right corner.

I'm guessing they are scanning/mapping the internal dimensions of the cavern they are in? As far as technology goes, this would have to be the most advanced I've seen yet. Reason? Well, what is powering them? How are they able to float in mid air like that?

Next is the Space Jockey ship.

Looking at the footage again I've noticed that not only is there fire coming out of the ovoid openings at the front (where the crew from the Nostromo gained access in ALIEN) but also along the left 'arm' in various places. So the ship is a lot more damaged than I first thought, with fires at its centre and entire left side.

The cap.

On better examination the second word couldn't be Magellan or Megellan. I'm pretty sure the first word is WHEYLAND but the second word is MEGH... or MEGA....... What could it be?

Space Jockey room.

Highlighted in pink on the right we see the 'lid' of the sleep pod. On the left we see that the 'lid' of the sleep pod is not there! It could be flipped up and out of shot, I'm not sure. Also notice the black 'spikes' along the edge of the open sleep pod. They could be part of a locking mechanism?

What is that?

And is the drop ship parked in the same spot in the above shot as this one below?

The distance of the 'object' in the first image looks quite close, whereas the second image with the road, the distance from the dropship looks further. I realise it could just be because of camera focal length, or something like that. But I like speculating!


liminalD said...

I just assumed that the red lights were the Space Jockey's alarm system going off to alert them to the fact that someone was messing with their ampule room, which would explain why the floating-ball technology would seem to be more advanced than anything we've seen in the rest of the trailer or, indeed, in Alien.

I haven't anything to contribute re: the crashing ship or the navigation/sleeping chamber, but re: your last point about the shape seen from the opening hatch shot and the road, I suspect that the shape is the Temple where the ampule room is located, that it's massive and that the dropship is landed some distance away from it, allowing for both a long road and a good view of it from the dropships' vehicle bay.

Keep up the speculatin'! Loving it :)

Gekko Boss said...

If it is an alarm system, the crew don't seem too bothered. I mean, one guy is staring at it/them and the others are going about their business. I'm assuming if it was something they were not used to or unfamiliar with they'd be freaking out? I guess this will remain one of those mysteries, for the next six months at least! :)

Temple hey. Hmmmm, could be! I wonder if that is a "modification" of Dan O'Bannon's script with the Pyramid??

liminalD said...

I suspect a number of elements in Prometheus will turn out to be modifications of O'Bannons original script. The Aliens series has steadily drifted away from the original concept (beginning even in the first film), and so I kinda feel that Prometheus is Ridley Scott's way of bringing it back to where it started, posing the same sorts of questions and answering some of them, (hopefully in such a way as to ask new questions).

As far as the 'alarm system' is concerned, yeah, I guess we'll just have to see. The impression I got of that quick shot was that it had just gone off, like, split seconds before so the team hasn't had time to react yet, but maybe I need to watch it again :)

Gekko Boss said...

You could be right. It's cut so well that you just don't see enough to be able to tell one way or the other. Damn you Ridley!!! :)

I wonder if we'll get to see another trailer before the actual release?

Or some more still shots?

I really hope we get to see some footage at Thedus with lots of interstellar space ships docked and even a glimpse of the Nostromo, albeit in a slightly newer condition! lol