RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Hi guys, well to say that I'm obsessed with the movie ALIEN would be an understatement. I remember first reading about it in a Sunday paper way back in 1978! I remember the article saying that in the movie was a planet made of bones and a terrifying alien creature the likes of which have never been seen before. I was intrigued!

The first time I saw it, 1979, was the first time I'd gone to see a movie by myself. I was 15 years old. That was how desperate I was to go and see it! I remember standing in the foyer of the Regent Cinema in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia; looking at the images of the movie that had been put up on the wall. That image of the Space Jockey sitting in that chair had me mesmerised. What was it?

Then in the cinema I sat, watching anxiously, as Kane climbed up that ledge. He winces with exertion as he makes that last heave up. Then! That moment! A moment I will never forget! The surge of music, the camera pulls back.....................and there it was.................The Space Jockey!

I couldn't believe it. I was stunned. Never before had I seen anything like it. Or its ship. This was so unique, so original and I hadn't even seen the alien yet!

That movie sparked my interest in so many different things. Science. Story writing. Design. Movies. Illustration. My imagination went wild and from that, evolved all the different things that I'm involved in to this day.

ALIENS was the first date I went on with my wife to be! She wore THAT red dress! I wasn't quite as impressed with ALIENS as I was with my date though! ALIENS was good, but not as good as ALIEN. It didn't have that certain something? ALIEN 3 came next, and I went to see that with my wife too! At first I hated it! Killing off Newt and Hicks was such a stupid idea I thought at the time. But years later I saw the uncut Directors version and I changed my mind. It was quite brave a movie to make and considering the problems that I later found out about that surrounded it, we were lucky that it was made at all. Then came ALIEN RESURRECTION. Holy fucking mother of god! What were they thinking! I was so disappointed! I couldn't believe what they had done! They had ruined everything! It was over. Through their greed and lack of love for the art of movie making they had killed off something that was so precious to me. I would never know who the Space Jockey was, where he came from, why he existed and why he had all those eggs on board that awesome ship! It was over.

I began writing my own versions of ALIEN stories. But none matched up to what people were crying out for. People seemed to only want more movies like ALIENS. Soldiers in space killing "xenomorphs"! I hated the idea. My stories were of a more peaceful nature. I always saw the Space Jockey as a peaceful being. Its warning signal to stay away from the planet a good gesture to save others from its fate. I likened it to a whale or dolphin, yet more sophisticated and, of course, alien.

Then early this year I began to hear that Ridley Scott was interested in going back to where it all began. To go back to the Space Jockey! I couldn't believe what i was hearing. Could it be? Could it happen? Well, now we've all seen the trailer! Prometheus is 6 months away!

So; why am I posting about it here? Well, why not? It's my Blog. Everything on this Blog came out of what happened to me in that Cinema way back in 1979. I've watched the trailer so many times. I've noticed so many things! But as I've read through various sites and Blogs I've noticed people haven't noticed the things I have. And maybe people aren't aware of some of the things Ridley Scott has said about this new movie. So, here I will share what has caught my eye and explain why this movie is in fact not what so many people seem to think it is. It is not a prequel to ALIEN, you'll see why.............

First we see a Dropship over an alien world. A big storm is brewing on the surface. Then the Dropship descending past some huge mountains.

People seem to think this is the same planet that we last saw in ALIENS. No, it can't be. For many reasons. Firstly Ridley Scott has said that Prometheus is set 30 years before ALIEN. The planet we see here has an atmosphere, clouds and water. LV426 was a moon, it was small. It was barren and lifeless. It had no atmosphere, that is why in ALIENS we see the Terraforming. To give LV426 an atmosphere. In Prometheus we have a new alien planet, and it may not be the only one!

I do not believe this is the Space Jockey's homeworld. I think that is something the Studio is keeping a secret until opening night!

The giant human head. Why is it there? Notice the markings carved into it? They look a lot like the sort of clay tablet writings of early mankind. Could there be a connection? Notice also the varying sizes of the ampules around it. What is in them?

Anybody recall the famous illustration by Ron Cobb in this shot?

Some think this is a helmet. I say no, reason, Noomi Rapace plays an archaeologist named Elizabeth Shaw. Why would an archaeologist want to look at a helmet on a medical table? This skeletal head is found next to a Space Jockey body in the ampule room where the giant human head is.

As Prometheus is set 30 years before ALIEN there is no Weyland Yutani Company. The Company in Prometheus is Weyland Corps, as can be seen here, both as logos and in name.

This is Science Fiction at its best! What a shot! However what is going on here? There is a missing vehicle! The two tracked quad bikes are there, but only one of the Personnel Carriers! And why is there a road!? Also, notice what appears to be stalagmite formations. Interesting!

What have we here? A UFO? Is it human, or Space Jockey?

Why is  Meredith Vickers, played by Charlize Theron running to what looks like an escape pod?

In this quick shot we see Meredith again. This time perhaps in a Space Jockey ship? Wherever she is she has managed to activate a star chart. Notice the Space Jockey sleeping pods in this room also.

Wow, what an image! Many people seem to think that the Space Jockey ship has blown up. But if you look carefully.................

the explosion is happening behind it (centre of red circle). Smoke is billowing out of the entrance portals in the Space Jockey ship (big red arrow), but it is intact. Note the debris of what I think is the remains of a human ship (small red arrows).

OK, now we come to the image that has everybody so excited, and rightfully so! However most people seem to think that the humanoid on the right is a Space Jockey. I don't believe that to be the case. Reason? Look at the size of his head (small red circle), now compare that to what the size of a Space Jockey's head would be (big red circle). Even with a helmet on he wouldn't fit in that chair.

However! What I think nearly everybody has missed are the sleeping pods! (marked with a red outline). Looking at the closest one, on the right, we see markings very similar to that on the big human head. Also a clear 'window' on the top, pretty much directly under the bum of the humanoid figure.

This is NOT the same room we saw in ALIEN. It is a little different in design. And has what looks like 4 Space Jockey sleeping pods! The red arrow points to a hallway. Is the humanoid waking up the Space Jockey's because contact with the humans has been made? Or does he perceive a threat that needs to be dealt with and needed to wake up his masters??

Here we see Captain Janek. On the logo of his cap I can make out “WEYLAND MAGELLAN”. Is the Magellan the Drop Ship we see in the trailer, or is it the Prometheus? At the beginning of the trailer we hear Charlize Theron crying out "Prometheus, Prometheus.....". Is it a distress call?

Wrong! As somebody has just pointed out to me (3-1-12). The second word on the cap badge begins "MEG......". So it can't be Magellan. So, what could it be?

Or, could it be spelt "MEGELLAN"??

Is this crew member picking up the Space Jockey skull?

Here we see the Space Jockey ship crash landed on the planet. The arrows point to smoke still pouring out of it and the red circles show what I think is wreckage of the human ship that blew up next to the Space Jockey ship in the upper atmosphere.

Supporting evidence of a destroyed human ship (red circles). Noomi and Charlize have obviously escaped the human ship, but now risk getting flattened by the falling Space Jockey ship! What the heck has taken place here!!

More reckage of the human ship falling all around Charlize, and the Space Jockey ship crashing down too!

So, I hope my little analysis has shed some light on Prometheus for you and that I have made my case in defence of what Ridley Scott himself said. This is not a prequel to ALIEN. The planet is not LV426 and that Space Jockey ship, although of the same design, is not the same ship we saw in ALIEN. And NOBODY has seen a Space Jockey yet! Their images will, I have no doubt, be kept very secret right up until opening night! Just like the original alien in ALIEN was.

I can't wait, it is going to be something very special!




Craig said...

I first watched Alien on a little black and white TV in the kitchen when I was probably ten to twelve. Scared the crap out of me. My mom took me to see Aliens, and I was screaming and grabbing her so much she asked if I wanted to leave...lol

I love Alien, but I have to say I like Aliens more. I am so excited right now I'm about to burst. I don't think I would be if Ridley Scott or Cameron weren't involved. Was disappointed in the last few movies.

I read a Alien book years ago that was about the Aliens reaching Earth, reproducing quietly at first, then overrunning the planet. I'd still love to see that movie. And, in that book, the ending made it seem that the space jockey's may be worse than the Aliens themselves. But, I never read the/a follow up book to see how it all went down.

Gekko Boss said...

Hi Craig,

yeah Alien and Aliens are definitely the best. I can't wait for this new one it's going to be awesome!



Unknown said...

great! i was thinking for hours how a possible plot could look like, but there are too many questions. I am happy to see, that you have almost the same unanswered questions.

And yeah, i also think that the SJ gone have a special appearence.

Its possible that the crew infested themselves with the stolen ampules, in a sort of a security reaction.

and as things get worse, the SJ appear...


- whats the explosion about? is it after the spaceship has landed or is it while it was leaving?

- is the mutant in the "navigation" room, someone from the crew or is he related to the big head statue?

- what does the head statue mean and mor important, who has made it? SJ? or is there a race above the SJ maybe who also created them?

There is room for maybe 1000 possible plots :D could think the whole night about it, hope they realese a longer trailer soon...

Gekko Boss said...

Yes, questions, questions, questions!

This is going to be so good!

axlfrigginrose said...

Thanks so much for the insightful analysis. I appreciate the thought and time that went into this. June 2012 can't get here soon enough!

Gekko Boss said...

You're very welcome!

C.E.R. said...

Ridley Scott has said that the Space Jockey, as seen in the 1979 film, was in a suit. That thing with the trunk all down its front, and infused into the chair, is a suit which encased the space jockey. The thing Elziabeth (Rapace) and David (Fassbender) are studying has to be a helmet similar to that one. Plus, that thing it lies on is a 3D scanner. Nothing in that room is medical; it's all advanced intruments for study. And they are clad in medical-looking wear to prevent contamination of the alien artifact. (They'd be wearing the same thing studying an extraterrestrial rock). I mean, she wouldn't even want a hair of hers falling into that scanner either. Plus, as you mentioned, Rapace plays an archeologist and would have no biomedical background to be leading in a biomedical research matter. But so I presume. lol. :)

P.S. That person behind David (who is sitting) is Vickers in her corporate suit.

axlfrigginrose said...

At 00:43 in the trailer, it looks like the derelict ship has an explosion on it (closer to the bottom center of the ship but above the "cap" on the bottom). anyway, when the ship finally crashes later in the trailer you don't see any hole or evidence of an explosion. Very strange Gekko.

Gekko Boss said...

Yeah I read about Ridley saying that. I must say I was a bit disappointed in his statement. However, if you look at the original Giger painting of the Space Jockey, you can quite clearly see a clear helmet on it. Missing in the film I know, but Giger obviously foresaw it as a being wearing a clear helmet. Dallas mentions it as being "fossilised", which of course it couldn't be, perhaps he meant mummified. And we can clearly see that it is bone that is bent outward from the point of ejection of the 'chest burster'. And when we get a close-up of the skull just before Dallas goes to see what Kane is so excited about we can clearly see the skull's eye socket and what looks like teeth in the mouth so I'm not so sure exactly what Ridley is on about. A creature in a suit could mean we end up seeing something quite different from the "suit" in the chair, which for me would be a disappointment. Unless Giger has come up with something quite extraordinary?

I agree it could well be a 3D scanner. But it too could be used to check a skull to see how big the brain case is, for example. Don't archeologists study bones/fossils too?

Yes Vickers is the financial backer of the expedition, so I've read. But, is she an android too? Aren't there supposed to be two androids in this movie?

Gekko Boss said...

Axlfrigginrose, I see what you mean. I have no explanation for that? Could it be a different ship? A doubt it, but then it is a different ship to the one in ALIEN, so how many do the Space Jockey's have?

C.E.R. said...

Well, whatever it is - that head/helmet whatever thing - it's really going to be key in further understanding the space jockey. So exciting! And it'll be awesome if that second android makes it in the final result of the story. It'll be a fantastic surprise if there's really a second one (and who it turns out to be) b/c we now all know David is an android.

That instant in the trailer with the 3D holography-like presentation has me really impressed and intrigued. Impressive space jockey technology. I never saw it initially as a "star chart" as you mention. I just thought it to be some form of data/information computer interface that was inspired by galactic/atomic structures. The coloring of the particles in the orbiting rings, and the rest of the overall system, reminds me of the 2011 'intel inside CORE i7' logo. Those little color-coded "particles" look like they would store data. Considering the outer cloud-esque layer surrounding the system, it does appear to be somewhat of a star chart. Interesting observation. Or could it be more of those color-coded prisms in more diminished form also storing data? With the purpose of the entire thing looking cosmic as an allusion to the advanced interstellar space faring culture of the space jockeys?

I also couldn't help but make connections between it and our DNA structure. DNA is a double helix, color-coded (so we visualize it) information carrier. This space jockey system is an atom/galaxy-inspired structured (with a nucleus and rings), color-coded information carrier?

It's definitely an interface because the character is interacting with it. Such a system also would imply profound mathematics and computer programming. And it's been expanded from a central point/source. I assume it's collapsible into that point and then descended into the floor for storage?

You know what the sphere in the center reminds me of? Those 3D geometric toys made up of interconnected colored bars, forming one ball, which expand by pulling them outward and then collapse by pushing them inward.

Mentos said...

Superb analysis! You've pointed out a few little gems I'd not picked up before!

I hope you compose another breakdown for the forthcoming trailers.


uso said...

I think that SJ is the big guy, SJ head in Alien was wrapped with the fossilized “face hugger”, the planet in Prometheus could be a moon too or LV426, I don’t know if the Prometheus crew went to the SJ ship somewhere in space or what. The question is? Where they entered SJ room, for sure not after the crash. The good thing is that trailer doesn’t show much of the movie.

Gekko Boss said...

Hi C.E.R.,

yes there's definitely something very significant about that room and that holographic display. Whether it points the humans to further investigate the outer rim remains to be seen! Noomi has said that there could well be more movies continuing on from this one and I believe I read somewhere that 20th Century Fox is, based on what they've seen Ridley create thus far, very interested in doing another movie to follow this one! Is Ridley simply opening up the Universe in a way far more intriguing and mysterious than anybody has ever contemplated doing up until now?

Lets face it, a lot of Science Fiction these days is very predictable and basically, and sadly, based on shoot-em-ups! Movies like that are fine, but I'd much prefer something a little more interesting to watch, something to get people's brains ticking over. Predictable = boring!

Come-on Ridley! Blow our minds! (please)

Gekko Boss said...

Hi Mentos,

excellent, glad you liked it! Yes I will definitely be updating anything additional that I discover about Prometheus and its associated trailers. In fact I have already got some new stuff to add! Some I've found myself and some other people have told me about, so stay tuned!

Gekko Boss said...

I hope your wrong about the 'big guy' USO. If it turns out that he is the Space Jockey I'd be very disappointed. I really don't think the Space Jockey head in ALIEN was covered in a face hugger though. After all you can see the eyes and mouth.

I think LV426 was a moon of the ringed planet of the system seen in ALIEN. The planet in Prometheus has an atmosphere. LV426 never had an atmosphere, which is why we see Weyland - Yutani terraforming it in ALIENS.

The crew of the Prometheus or Magellan are definitely in that room before the crash, the question is, is that room on a Space jockey ship, or in a building somewhere?

Karsten said...

Gekko, nice analysis! Like!
I've got 2 ideas I'd love to point out here:
1. Maybe it is LV426. In one scene someone got blown away from the ship's ramp. Similar to the wild storm conditions on LV426 in Alien. Could it be that somehow the atmosphere collapses by mistake or purpose? Maybe this is part of the plot. If SJ's race is able to create, they should be able to engineer atmospheric coditions as well. Or that is a last exit solution for the humans in order to hide SJ's offspring with the help of continuous warning signals.
2. As for the big human head behind the capsules: Maybe the head is kind of an over-sized tag indicating that there's human DNA or embryos inside the capsules created by SJ's folks.
Guess this is what it is all about: (Dis)Creation. Stored in SJ's warehouse.

Comments welcome!


Gekko Boss said...

Hi Karsten,

I think the scene with Noomi’s character Elisabeth Shaw being blown away at the ramp of the dropship happens at a point in the movie before we see her and Vickers running for their lives and the Space Jockey ship falling down. Therefore, if that is the case, the atmosphere of the planet hasn’t changed and the “storm” or whatever it is, is something that only happens at that point. As the Space Jockey ship is falling the shots you can see of the sky look clear. So, no, not LV426.

I think that the ampoules contain the DNA of creations from all over the universe. The ‘head’ we see in the middle I think, at this stage, is a representation of the Space Jockey’s greatest creation, that being human kind.

Anonymous said...

re: captain janek
i dont think it reads weyland magellan.

I can make out an E following the M
so I think it's Weyland Mega-somethingsomething

Gekko Boss said...

Yeah, you're right! I can't spell! Pretty sure with the "MEG......." after that is anybody's guess for the moment. Good spotting!

uso said...

I think that planet or the moon, whatever is some sort of creature creation lab. Probably The Head and ampules are somewhere on the planet, not on the ship. Shaw could be android too. But I still think that SJ is that supersized humanoid with Gigeresque helmet. I don’t like that Scott is citing Erich von Däniken, the guy is a con artist.

Anonymous said...

Gekko Boss - thanks for your breakdown.

I don't think the big humanoid is a Space Jockey either. I think it is an Engineer. My guess is the jockeys are a different species that simply pilot the ships and like humans are creations of the Engineers. In the Alien script I believe the being in the chair is actually called "The Pilot" Space Jockey is just a nickname the crew made up so it makes sense to me that the Engineers and SJ's are not one and the same being. Even if the pilot wears a suit while in the chair that doesn't mean that's not it's skull in the medical scanner. The flight suit could be modeled after it's actual body after all, only larger. So I think that's a skull not a helmet which would explain the size difference between the 1st movie and the skull in this trailer. I don't think they would spoil the movie by showing a living Jockey in the trailer. They
showed the Engineer briefly because no one truly knows what it is imo.

I also agree 100% that is not LV426. My wild guess is the plot goes something like this. Humans find artifacts left by the Engineers on earth including star charts and set off to make first contact. As a reward for being smart enough to make it to the Engineers home world the Prometheus is sent through a wormhole to watch some Engineers terraform and create life on a planet that is not LV426, maybe the planet that LV426 is a moon of.
The crew of the Prometheus is just supposed to watch from a distance but instead as humans always seem to do, they get involved. Members of the Prometheus crew are instructed by Vickers to steal Engineer technology. The Engineers get pissed and start experimenting on some of the crew leading to the mutations we see in the trailer and also to the creation of the facehugger/xenomorph species as a punishment to be taken to and unleashed on earth. A battle ensues, the terraforming process gets stopped by the humans. Space Jockey piloted ships are scrambled. At least one is destroyed on the planet by the human drop ship. Somehow Vickers and Shaw make it back to the Prometheus (maybe a second drop ship picks them up?). The Prometheus is able to escape via the wormhole and get back to earth.

Now if they want to tie the story to the first movie here's how they could do it. when the trip is made through the wormhole the crew goes back in time to watch the terraforming. They escape and come back to present day earth. They are chased by an SJ ship carrying eggs which crashes lands on LV426 in the distant past before making it through the wormhole when a chestbuster pops out of the SJ pilot, perhaps a facehugger gets loose at some point and impregnates an SJ while it is asleep in it's pod before takeoff.
This would explain how the Company already knows about the crashed ship and why the Jockey would be fossilized as seen in Alien.

Probably all wrong about this but it's fun to try to figure it all out.


Gekko Boss said...

Hi Uso,

Yeah, I agree. I think it is on that planet too and yes the DNA in those ampoules equates to some sort of god-like creation lab of some sort.

Shaw could be the second android. However from what I’ve read about her character she has a change of heart during this movie. The androids we’ve seen so far seem quite devoid of empathy and never veer off their programming, that to get the alien technology to earth for the Weyland – Yutani weapons division.

If that humanoid is the Space Jockey, would that helmet actually fit him? And if it does, do the eye sockets match-up? If he, like the head statue, are ‘humanoid’ then their eye sockets would be in the same place ours are and therefore the “helmet” we see, which has eye sockets much wider apart, wouldn’t work in the sense that he wouldn’t be able to see out of it. At least that’s what I think at this stage.

Gekko Boss said...

Hi Todd,

Apparently there are “Engineer’s” and “Gods” listed as character roles, and without a doubt the humanoid we see next to the empty Space Jockey chair is one of those. Whether or not the Space Jockey is one or the other hopefully we won’t find out until opening night.

Yeah, I’m still going with the “head” on the scanner being a skull and not a helmet. I’ve looked at it over and over again, as no doubt many other have, and to me, considering the amount of detail on the surface of the “thing” I’m going for bone and not biomechanical engineering. Also those who think it is a helmet haven’t taken the width of the eye sockets into account. If the humanoid next to the Jockey chair is the owner of the helmet how does he see out of it?

I’m still worried about what Scott has said about the “suit”. If, as you say, the suit is nothing more than a protective covering and the creature underneath resembles the exterior closely, that would be OK. But if it turns out to be humanoid underneath that “suit” I and I’m sure many others, will be bitterly disappointed.

Yeah, to show the Space Jockey in the trailer would have been utterly stupid. I’m still hoping that a large part of the budget has gone into making the Space Jockey as amazing as could possibly be done with all the modern 3D computer technology that is around now. So many artists have tried to illustrate what it may look like out of that chair and to finally see one and for it to be a disappointment, wow, that would really be a kick in the guts!

Your plot makes sense based on what little information we have so far. However I don’t believe the Space Jockey Homeworld has been seen yet. And I’m pretty sure I remember Scott talking about how interesting it would be to see where it came from. The planet we see in the trailer is only one planet, I believe we see another and my gut feeling is that it will be a Giger-esque water based world. Keep in mind that there has been talk of the Space Jockey ship being the shell of some sort of mollusc. If so, does that mollusc live on the Jockey’s Homeworld? Considering the size of the Jockey and thus the size of the ship it was in, imagine the size of the Jockey’s Home world and how amazing it could be!

James Cameron created a world for Avatar, but I don’t think too much effort was put into it to truly make it look “alien” enough. Imagine a Homeworld created with a combination of Scott, Giger and the very best 3D computer artist’s money has to buy! THAT is I believe what Scott has up his sleeve. The trailer we have all seen is nothing more than a taster for what is to come, and as we get closer to the release date we will begin to see hints of that Homeworld. This could be Scott’s last chance to make a truly amazing science fiction movie, considering his age, and I really doubt he was happy with what Cameron did and will therefore show the world just what can be achieved with a good imagination and lots of money.

I’m wondering if ANY humans survive this. I know Scott has said that the last minutes of Prometheus tie in with ALIEN, but what does that mean exactly? Keep in mind the things Scott says during the teaser trailers. He is trying to feed the fans information without telling them a thing. Getting them/us to think! We hear Vickers, I think, at the beginning of the trailer saying she is “sorry” and that they “were so wrong”. I wonder what that is all about?

If it is Vickers, and we know she is the financier and organiser of the expedition, what has changed her mind? What is she sorry about? Charlize Theron has said that her character starts off as a “Company person”, but has a change of heart and Noomi has said a similar thing about her character. So something quite ‘life changing’ takes place during this movie. And thank god for that! I’m a bit sick to death of ‘shoot-em-up’ mindless movies. Maybe this one has a bit of intelligent thought behind it! I certainly hope so!

uso said...

Guys, I hope UR right, this part on Earth makes sense, wormhole sounds a bit cheesy but quite possible, and I’m a bit worried about Scott directing, he can blew the thing, he has those ups and downs, Robin Hood was the boring disaster, effectively every second movie is somehow good. Fortunately SF is where he used to be brilliant. Cameron is an excellent director, he can make good – profitable movie from some predictable classical script. I generally prefer Scott. UR right The SJ helmet – head looks like a skull, and distance between the eyes is not human like. Maybe when Scott says “suite” is more metaphorical like employee of someone, Vickers Is suite of the Weyland, maybe SJ is just ugly pilot of gods – engineers. But that humanoid is something important, maybe the ampules in the Big Head room contain some bio mass for humanoid creation, like creatures made from the image of their maker, like in The Holly Bible. I saw pictures of filming set on youtube, many different spaces are filled with ampules of different sizes. Probably they manage to steal some of the ampules and something wrong happened on the way back, o bit of the cameo of the “Alien” or similar horror. Maybe Vickers is the last survivor who manages to escape with the escape pod and got stranded in the middle of the universe. I think that Shaw is going to get killed, she is talking too much that she is survivor. I want not to expect a lot from the movie, it is easier if the movie sucks at the end.

C.E.R. said...

And is it just me...On the screenshot with the team speeding down the dirt road towards the spaceship...on the lower right corner, it looks fake. it looks like a painted mural (specially in high-res). I known it's a filming trick to paint murals for special effects, but we're in the second decade of the 21st century and it shouldn't be looking like that.

Also, I really don't like people hating on 3D. I've heard other 'Prometheus' fans begging for the film not to be in 3D. Pretty ignorant to says so since really all major films are now in 3D. I'm only watching 'Prometheus' in 3D. It's the future in my opinion and will definitely make the film furthermore epic - an epic film experience. Can't wait for June 8 at 12:01am!!!

Anonymous said...


it will be interesting to see if the Engineers and Jockeys are actually two different species and who is the master out of the two. I love the idea of see the Jockey home world (and it being a Giger designed water world). I think we will see it but don't think it's the planet we see in the trailer. Somehow what happens on that world in the trailer is what is going to tie into the first movie. I think we will see a Jockey ship crash land on LV426 at the end of Prometheus.

As far as the Jockey and the suit debates goes. To me the Jockey was a;ways a creature mechanically attached to the cockpit chair in Alien. Not a different creature in a suit. I know some stories after Alien portray the Jockey as being elephant like with a trunk, that I disagree with. That's definitely a mechanical breathing tube attached to the Jockey's face with one coming out the back of the skull. If you look at the production shots from Alien it's pretty easy to see. The skull in the medical bay from the Prometheus trailer looks like it jives with this. I think Ridley is throwing people off the scent by calling it a "suit" and that we are going to see living Jockeys in Prometheus.


Gekko Boss said...

Hi C.E.R.,

I see what you mean, but I don’t think it’s that bad. It could just be a loss of detail in translation from HD digital ‘film’ in 3D to computer screen compression? I really wouldn’t let it trouble you though; I’m more than confidant that all will look fantastic on screen.

3D is always going to be contentious. Personally I’m not a big fan of it for two reasons, one, I wear glasses, so having another pair on top of what I’m already wearing is not preferable and two, here in Australia if you go to a cinema showing 3D the film is more expensive to go see. Going to the movies is expensive enough these days so having added cost is not well appreciated.

Prometheus will be the exception though. I am very much looking forward to seeing it in 3D! :)

Anonymous said...

The space jockey ship has been rammed at take-off, probably in an attempt to destroy it before it goes someplace important (like earth?). The earth ship that rammed it is seen in little pieces falling all over the place as the space jockey ship crashes. The big dude is clearly the space jockey out of his biomechanical helmet/suit. The whole room mimics the hypersleep room of the Nostromo, but includes a pilot/navigation station. The cannisters contain face-hugger prototypes, but how these eventually end up as "eggs" can't be guessed until the movie comes out. It is not certain that this is not LV426 for several reasons. Moons can have atmospheres- Saturn's moon Titan has an atmosphere thicker than Earth's- and are also likely to have seasons, which may radically change the environment. Also, and ecological catastrophe could radically change an environment, even over just 30 years.
Is the flying saucer over the waterfall a sequence from Earth, possibly from the remote past? Is this an opening scene, when evidence of extraterrestrial origins was left on Earth? It is unlikely that the trailer scenes are shown in the sequence of the movie.

Gekko Boss said...

There's definitely some sort of fight between the Space Jockey ship and the earth ship, that's for sure. But why? What has happened? There is simply no way the "big dude" could be a Space Jockey. Too small. The width of the "helmet" is too wide at the point of the eye sockets for a humanoid head. Yes, the room with the Space Jockey chair/telescope/gun does indeed seem to be like a type of hypersleep room. It is very different from what we saw in ALIEN in the Space Jockey ship, there were no pods in that room, nor the nav system. I wonder if it's on a ship or if it's in an alien building?

I think the ampoules contain different base DNA from all over the galaxy. If you look carefully they are all different sizes. Lots of people seem fixated on this being LV426. I guess no of us will no for sure until opening night.

Your theory on the flying saucer seems very plausible, and yes I agree the trailer is not showing a sequence of the movie.

uso said...

Sounds simplistic, but possible, if the script is like “anonymous” wrote then the movie sucks big time. Too much Daniken stuff in it: big humanoids - like in Sumerian myths, flying saucers, secret caves - probably on earth where the crew doesn’t wear helmets but have their suites. Hope that movie is going to look nice and to be scary.

uso said...

look at the 0:26 when the crew is leaving the shuttle: door is opening and i think that reveals the derelict ship parked on the plain.
If this is the case probably all the action is on two ships, alien and human respectively.

Gekko Boss said...

Yeah I have noticed that. But I couldn't work out what it was. Anyway I've updated the Blog with that image. Maybe somebody has an idea?

Agreed, I'm sure there will be more than two ships, hopefully many ships! Imagine seeing the Prometheus at Thedus, docked with many other interstellar ships, one of which could very well be....... the Nostromo! Wouldn't that look awesome!

uso said...

there is some leaked script, I read it, probably it has some possible elements of the real script, but doesn't really corresponds with the trailer.


Gekko Boss said...

You're right, it doesn't really corresponds with the trailer. And the Company in the movie isn't Weyland Yutani so it is either a clever guess based on small snippets of information or a very early draft? I really hope there are no "worm holes" in the movie, that would be a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

LV-426 had an atmosphere in the first Alien. Any planet that has a storm and winds going on has an atmosphere.