RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A little more progress and some more paint mixes.

First off a reference book that I highly reccomend for the Eduard MiG-21MF is this one....

In the instruction booklet Eduard states that the colour of the inside of the exhaust should be bright green! I wouldn't have believed it if not for this book!

The colour mix for this bright green I arrived at from these colours....

Game Color 72032 Escorpena Green : 2
Model Air 71094 Green Zinc : 4
Model Color 70883 Silver Grey : 1

All are acrylic paints from the various Vallejo paint ranges. Those of you not familiar with them should know they are fantastic acrylic paints and can be quite safely intermixed from the various ranges on offer, as I have here. I thin them with demineralised water.

The other colour that I have mixed is for the various 'green' panels and nose cone of the MiG-21MF. Colours are as follows...

Game Color 72032 Escorpena Green : 2
Model Air 71094  Green Zinc : 6
Model Air 71014 Gunship Green : 9

In the instruction booklet it shows that the area at the back of the nose cone is to be painted Dark Iron. The actual area, as shown clearly in the Wings & Wheels Publications book, is much larger than that shown in the instruction booklet and should cover an area much further forward, illustrated here in the pink.

Next up is the cockpit. Here you see the sidewalls under construction.

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