RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

RAN A-4G+ Skyhawk 2002

Friday, February 18, 2011

Some changes.

Hi guys, as you may have noticed the Blog looks quite different today. The reason why is that I've been having a lot of trouble with trying to Monetize the site. I'm much more of an 'arty' type and not very much of a 'computer geek', so trying to get the site Monetized has been a real headache for me and although I got approval to Monatize the site somehow I made some errors that Google didn't like and I've been banned from Monetizing my site! :/

Now I'm more confused than ever and have written to them hoping for some common sense and a bit of clarity. Had I known that for me Monetizing the site was going to be such a headache I wouldn't have bothered!

Now, you'll also notice that there are some crazy spelling errors in the boxes on the right hand side. I don't know how to fix that at the moment so bare with me. I have messaged a friend and hopefully he can offer some logical advice.

Aaaaaaarhhhhh computers!!!!!!!!!

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